New tools for the appraisal of claims.

We assist insurers, shipping companies or port authorities in the documentation of claims or disasters by carrying out photographic, audiovisual or 3D surveys for subsequent measurement.

Through the use of drones we can access areas that are extremely difficult for experts to access, with a saving in technical costs and time, obtaining information in real time that allows the preparation of expert reports, or help to carry out a risk assessment prior to underwriting.

We help to measure damage more reliably.

The use of drones reduces the cost, saves time and reduces the risks to people in conducting surveys.

Advantages of using drones in specialist reports.

  • Greater efficiency
  • Simplicity and flexibility
  • Precision
  • Digital record of repairs
  • Security
  • Inspect large surfaces in faster
  • Savings in personnel
  • Access to difficult areas requiring different types of measurements
  • Low logistical cost.