Control facilities from the air.

Port surveillance and security.

We have teams that can carry out both daylight and night-time surveillance using thermal imaging cameras.

We can carry out surveillance with piloted equipment or with autonomous equipment that does laps sending the images in real time to security terminals or integrating them into the company’s CCTV system.

Using artificial intelligence for security.

We have systems that use artificial intelligence to detect the movement of people and alert security personnel.

The best equipment and the best personnel.

Our company has the capacity to supply not only the equipment, but also, through agreements with security companies, approved security guards qualified as pilots.

Perimeter control of vessels from a high viewpoint.

Onboard anti-piracy security.

If necessary, we can embark security personnel with surveillance drones that allow perimeter flights on ships and serve as anti-piracy prevention.

Our drones can fly miles ahead of the ship, providing preventive information for better decision-making.


Real time situational awareness.

Video streaming for security, spills etc.

Our equipment has the ability to transmit the captured images in real time via streaming, allowing rescue operation command centres to have an instantaneous, aerial view of what is happening.

Reduce risk to personnel.

Our teams can fly over the affected areas, document damage to ships, infrastructure and buildings and optimise relief efforts.

Reduce decision-making time.

We provide rescue personnel with an aerial perspective that brings new levels of efficiency to search, spill control or rescue work.