Logistics with drones

At Drones Maritime we have developed a pioneering logistics service using cargo drones for the shipment and collection of products from port to ships in transit.

This innovative service allows the exchange of goods on large ships without them having to stop when they need to pick up documentation, deliver samples, spare parts, foreign exchange, etc.

Inspection Services

More and more new technologies are being incorporated into different facets of society and drones are also being applied to more professional activities. Some sectors of industry are already working with unmanned aircraft on a regular basis. Drones Maritime's vocation is to bring these new solutions to the naval and port sector.

Bulk Measuring

We use two technologies to calculate the volume of bulk parcels accumulated in ports.


We use drones to provide surveillance and security services both in port areas and on board large vessels.

Port surveillance and security.
On-board anti-piracy security.
Video streaming for security, spills etc.


We carry out professional work for audiovisual production companies as well as for companies that want to develop corporate or advertising videos. We have the drone that best suits your work and the most experienced professionals in the audiovisual field.

Expertise & attestations

We assist insurers, shipping companies or port authorities in the documentation of claims or disasters by carrying out photographic, audiovisual or 3D surveys for subsequent measurement.

Through the use of drones we can access areas that are extremely difficult for experts to access, with a saving in technical costs and time, obtaining information in real time that allows the preparation of expert reports, or help to carry out a risk assessment prior to underwriting.